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Reminder for parents

  Dear parents and representatives!

  1.  Address:
    DOL "Jubilee" Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse district, settlement Shepsi, st. school, 1.

  2. Shifts:
    first 4 - 10 June;
    second June 11-17;
    third 18 - 24 June.

  3. Transfer: 
    Route: Moscow (Pav.) - Tuapse Pas. - Moscow (Pav.)
    Railway station Tuapse Passenger.
    Possibly escort. If you have questions - contact us.

  4. There:                                            
    1 shift 02 June 2022 -departure day with escort
    2nd shift June 09, 2022 - departure day,
    3rd shift June 16, 2022 - departure day.



June 10, 2022 - departure day  (1 shift)
June 17, 2022 - departure day  (2nd shift)
June 25, 2022 - departure day with an escort  (3 shifts).

  1. Connection: 
    To communicate with the child, take an inexpensive phone with you, we transfer the charger to the bag in your purse (for ease of identification, please sign)
    *Phones are kept by the head, issued in the morning and in the evening for calls to parents.
    For operational information, you can always contact the manager by phone:
    +7 903 271 76 82  (WhatsApp) - Irina Andreevna.

  2. Photo reports: 
    Daily photo reports will be available at:
    whatsapp group


  3. Day plan  (subject to change).

  4. It is forbidden to bring game consoles, IPad, PSP, etc., as well as other expensive things to the camp
    (The camp administration is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings).

  5. Do not overload suitcases, we take everything you need! Take as much as the child can carry on their own! (leaders will help the youngest children).

  6. All children's things and shoes must be signed!
    Be sure to give the child warm clothes:
    *Warm socks, trousers, sweater
    * From the rain we take a small umbrella, waterproof shoes.

    See you!

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