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Mental arithmetic
KC Zil, Vostochnaya, 4 k.1.

Group classes in mental arithmetic are conducted by a qualified  teacher  Vladislav Alexandrovich Shulgin.


RUDN Engineering Academy,  

Northwestern Academy add. vocational education and vocational training, the program "Mental arithmetic: the intellectual development of children"

Over 3 years of successful teaching experience.

Everyone can learn the tricks of mental arithmetic, not just math wizards! 
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Mental arithmetic is an effective method for the harmonious development of a child with the help of exercises on the abacus and the practice of mental counting. The right hemisphere joins the work of the left hemisphere, connecting creative thinking to logical operations. At the end of the course, solving a mathematical problem will take less time than typing a condition on a calculator.

Advantages of the technique:

  • Development of thinking and fine motor skills
    Working with accounts is also a training of finger movements, which develops their dexterity and tenacity.

  • Ability to count quickly
    This skill brings practical benefits both in school and in life.

  • Memory improvement
    It will be much easier for a child who masters mental arithmetic to memorize large amounts of information in all subjects.

  • Increasing interest in learning
    An extraordinary calculation method and a lot of interesting facts will help the child understand how much useful and exciting things can be found in the classroom at school.

  • High concentration of attention
    Mental arithmetic classes require special concentration, and this skill remains with the child both in the classroom at school and at the time of doing homework.


The course of study is designed for 2 years, 72 lessons per year, 2 per week. Classes are held in a playful way so that the child does not have time to get bored or tired. Part of the lesson is devoted to the development of memory and intelligence.



From 5 years

Subscription price:

Subscription for a month 6000 rub. (8 lessons)  

750 rub. - 1 lesson


Saturday 14:30 - preschool group

(2 acc. hours)

Saturday 16:10 - school group

(2 acc. hours)

Counting mentally is easy with us!

Contacts for recording

We are happy to share the details:

Tel/Whatsapp 8 903 271 76 82

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