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шахматная доска

metro Avtozavodskaya,

Kts ZIL, st. Vostochnaya 4 k.1



+7 903 271 76 82

The address:

metro Avtozavodskaya,

Kts ZIL, st. Vostochnaya 4 k.1

Schedule (duration):

Sunday 12:00 (2 hours)


Subscription for a month 4800 rub. ( 8 lessons)

One-time 1500 rub.

Trial 1200 rub.


Moscow Chess Club

chess lessons for adults


About the club

Our project is aimed at chess lovers, training adult chess players from scratch in Moscow, and with us you can improve your chess skills.
Moscow Chess Club is a creative space where you can learn how to play chess in a quality and step-by-step manner, improve your skills and apply the acquired knowledge in practice. 
We appreciate in chess not only rivalry, but also communication, creative energy and thirst for knowledge!
The club operates in the format of individual and group lessons.

Lessons with us are:

Online classes

Face-to-face classes

Practice / Tournament

  • Theoretical block:

- Debut
- Basic strategic techniques
- "What to do in the middle game"
- Endshil. Exact positions and game endgame.
- Analysis of the games of each member of the Club and work on the mistakes.

  • Block Tactical Mastery:

- development of combination vision
- improved options calculation
- typical combinations and tactical motives
- solving tactical problems in practice

  • Application of acquired knowledge in practice:

- playing out
- matches
- training tournaments within the group
- participation in simultaneous sessions with experienced coaches and strong chess players

  • At the end of each month, club members will have an open tournament with the calculation of the official FSR rating.

Join the classes with Beth Harmon of our club!

Be with us!

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