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Required documents

(subject to change)


When referring to the Yubileiny Children's Camp, for each child, documentation approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia is submitted:

  1. original + copy of birth certificate (up to 14 years old) or passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (from 14 years old);

  2. copy of parent's passport

  3. a copy of the compulsory health insurance policy;

  4. for the 1st shift: a certificate from general education institutions of full-time education, confirming the education in this institution. The certificate must contain the full name of the student, details and legal address of the school, number and date. The certificate must be certified by the seal of the school and the signature of the head of the educational institution or the person replacing him;

  5. consent to the provision of medical care during his stay in the camp

  6. consent to the processing of personal data


  1. medical certificate in form 79U (issued at the place of study or at the clinic at the place of residence), contains: information on past infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, intolerance to medications, the presence of contraindications for physical activity, an extract from the vaccination card;

  2. medical certificate of epidemiological environment (taken no earlier than 2 days before departure)




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