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Necessary things

At the training camp, the child must have:

Clothing and footwear

     On every day:

  • 5 pairs of socks;

  • ​ underwear (panties, T-shirts, etc.);

  • clothing sets for everyday wear (trousers, T-shirt, T-shirt, skirt, tights, etc.);

  • slippers;

  • shower shoes;

  • comfortable shoes for every day;
    *Underwear and socks are given based on the daily shift.

    For cool/hot weather:

  • warm sweater or jacket;

  • headdress;

  • pants or jeans;

    Sports direction:

  • sport suit;

  • sneakers.

    Personal hygiene items:

  • soap, shampoo, washcloth, toothpaste, sunscreen, comb, nail scissors, brush and other hygiene products.

  • large bath towel;

  • for girls: cosmetic accessories for skin and body care; hygiene accessories. 


  • mobile phone (charger). Upon arrival, phones will be kept by the head. In the morning and in the evening they will be issued to communicate with parents;

  • A water bottle (signed with your last name!) so that it can be constantly filled to quench your thirst;

  • Notebook/notebook, pens;

  • pocket money in small bills for personal expenses (no more than 500 rubles, at your discretion). Envelope with money to sign and hand over to the head.

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